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Your trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of authentication security, IT Enabled Services and software development, providing simplicity, innovation, and reliability.

About Us

Who We Are

SecureMetrics Systems is a pioneering company founded and owned by a seasoned economist and technology analyst. With decades of experience in academia and industry, our founder brings a unique blend of expertise to the realm of identification security, IT Enabled Services, software development and authentication solutions. Established as a proprietorship in 2024,

SecureMetrics Systems is dedicated to addressing modern authentication challenges with a particular focus on FIDO2 solutions. SecureMetrics products are sourced from global technology companies. Moreover, it also aims to become a strong player in custom software-development and IT Enabled Services by leveraging its strong industry insights and bespoke solutions.


“To empower organizations with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and bespoke IT services, SecureMetrics Systems commits to delivering peace of mind through innovative technologies, industry expertise, and client-centric service."


"SecureMetrics Systems envisions a future where digital transformation is seamlessly integrated with robust cybersecurity measures, enabling organizations to thrive in a secure and efficient digital landscape. We strive to be a leader in cybersecurity and IT services, driving innovation and excellence to safeguard the digital world."


"SecureMetrics Systems has formed a number of alliances in order to satisfy the demands of our wide variety of clients, espeicially in the field of Cyber Security. AuthenTrend Taiwan is one of our most valuable partners."


AuthenTrend, Taipei City 114, Taiwan


Cyber Security

SecureMetrics provides cutting-edge cyber security solutions in Bangladesh, safeguarding businesses from evolving threats. Our products ensure robust protection, empowering organizations to thrive in the digital landscape securely.

Website and Web-Application Development

We provide bespoke web-development services for clients to establish online presence and make a mark.

Custom Software Development

In the age of digitization, custom software needs require efficient and reliable solution that allow organizations enhance productivity, transparency and efficiency. SecureMetrics aims to deliver customized software solutions meeting specialized needs.

Graphic Design Solutions

Our graphic designers provide fit of purpose design solutions that cater to the needs for brand development, digital marketing or print media.

Key Focus

Key Focus and Expertise

SecureMetrics Systems specializes in FIDO2 and authentication solutions. Our team of experts combines technological acumen with a deep understanding of economic and industry dynamics. This unique blend allows us to create solutions that not only enhance security but also align seamlessly with the practical requirements of our clients.
We are at the forefront of FIDO2 technology, offering state-of-the-art authentication solutions that go beyond traditional methods to ensure robust and user-friendly security measures.

Core Values


"We embrace innovation to stay ahead of the curve, providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine identification security."


"We believe in simplifying complex security challenges, making authentication convenient without compromising on effectiveness."

Client-Centric Approach

"Our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients drives everything we do. We prioritize building long-lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction."

Why Choose SecureMetrics Systems

Expert Leadership

"Guided by a founder with extensive experience in both economics and technology analysis."

Innovative Solutions

"Pioneering FIDO2 solutions that set new benchmarks in identification security."

Client-Centric Philosophy

"Tailoring our offerings to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a personalized and effective approach."

Clients and Partners

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Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology

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Shanto-Mariam Institute of Creative Technology


Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd.


Aholi ICT Limited


Southtech Limited


Ulkasemi Pvt. Limited


Founder SecureMetrics Systems, a start-up, is the outcome of a long association of its founder, Abdullah Al Masud, with the IT industry and digital transformation. As an accomplished economist deeply intrigued by digital innovation and technology-driven productivity enhancement, Masud was motivated by his wealth of experience.

He served as a Consultant Business Economist at Dohatec New Media, a well-known independent software developer providing top-notch solutions to national governments and international organizations. Masud’s expertise helped in navigating the intricate landscape of technology and strategic consultations.

His pursuit in IT and digital transformation commenced in the 1990s at Virginia Tech, USA, where his passion for telecom industry dynamics and digital governance got a boost by the opportunities to work with policy makers and industry practitioners. As a PhD student in Economics, Masud focused his dissertation research in economics on the spectrum auctions overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Under a research project sponsored by the Virginia Tech Vice President for Information Systems, he also studied a Virginia state telecom legislation banning city governments’ right to deploy advanced communications network. This research laid the foundation for his subsequent engagements and contributions to the telecom policy domain. Masud's career in the US also included a stint as a legislative Fellow to Congressman Rick Boucher in the US House of Representatives in the late 90s. Congressman Boucher's enduring legacy as a telecom industry luminary provided Masud with an unparalleled platform to make a meaningful connection with the digital governance and transformation policies. The Congressional Fellowship enabled him to learn from the policy makers at the highest level and gave exposure to the legislative process.

Returning to his homeland, Masud embarked on a mission to enrich and contribute to the higher education sector. He served as the Registrar at the University of Asia Pacific and as the Joint Registrar at the Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology. A visionary, Masud spearheaded digital transformation initiatives and oversaw the development of automated university management systems in both the universities, transforming the operational administrative processes.

His journey from academia to practical policymaking underscores his commitment to advancing the telecom industry and driving digital transformation initiatives. His multifaceted experiences have equipped him with industry insights and intellectual capital.

Masud founded SecureMetrics Systems seeing the need for meeting cybersecurity challenges in the country. Organizations and individuals face difficult challenges when identities and network systems are attacked. SecureMetrics aims to offer peace of mind solutions to this threat. The global technology world is evolving towards a passwordless authentication solutions based on FIDO standards that are phishing-resistant and offer simplicity and convenience. SecureMetrics taps into these set of solution products which are FIDO2 compliant and are sourced from global technology leaders.